Paths to Personal Healing

Each Path is a journey to healing what ails you.  For some, healing is required for physical conditions or emotional trauma while others need to heal perception or their relationships at work.  No matter your wellness goal, Wooing Nature provides an individualized experience initiated and advanced according to your unique design and purpose.  This is the way of ancient healers when the term "medicine" meant whatever brought the seeker to balance.

The Paths below are organically designed for personal growth and development. To Go Deep follow other Paths that lead to emotional, spiritual and professional maturation.

Finding Purpose

The Blueprint of Your Design


Finding purpose or meaning literally helps you see the light. The light inside you that radiates.  Once you see yourself in this context, your thoughts and words lead to right action.  We are here to teach you how to see. Discovering your soul purpose is a humbling and awe inspiring experience, but finding purpose in mundane activity or adverse situations can be just as effective.  We cover all the bases and fold them into each other if necessary to strengthen your resolve and give you the tools you need to live your life in confidence.  

Self Reflection

The You You Already Knew


This is a self study in the truest sense for those who are on sabbatical, at a crossroads or need a jolt of self motivation.  The backstory of our approach is that you have to dig deep within to reach your highest vibration.  Realize the hidden fears and gems that inform your choices.  Discover motivators, distractions and ways you self-sabotage.  The Path of Self Reflection sharpens self-perception so that your actions come from a place of personal truth.   

Spiritual Intimacy

Self in Relationship to Another


We are all connected, but those with whom we have a deeper commitment to learning require intimacy.  Intimacy exists between lovers or spouses but between siblings, friends, a parent or even your arch enemy.  This journey reveals as much about you as it does any significant other.  It reveals the nature of your kinship, the ways you push and pull against each other to grow and the goals you can accomplish if you blend your skills and talents.  Gain a spiritual understanding of your connection.