Waterways: Paths to Emotional Healing

Water is the element associated with emotions so we call on these Paths that address emotional issues, pain or trauma, "Waterways."  Wooing Nature's healing experiences are initiated and advanced organically so you can reach your balance point at a pace that's comforting to you.  Using the methods of ancient indigenous healers, these Paths go deep into your wellspring and bring out a spiritually cleansed, refreshed spirit.

Forgive the Past

Let Go | Move On


Releasing your spirit from the past is one of the hardest things to do, but the results far outweigh the difficulty.  The story of Ma'at, the Egyptian goddess of truth and balance is that she weighs your heart in balance with her feather.  Letting go of the past, its pain and implications lightens the heart, frees the spirit from the weight of guilt and blame and gives your spirit a chance to breathe and receive the blessings and abundance that life has to offer.


Overpowering Depression

It's not as deep as you think


Depression happens when you step away from the best of who you are.  At times we get sidetracked and as one thing leads to another we find ourselves wandering down a path that isn't ours at all.  The further you travel on the path that doesn't advance your purpose the darker it seems until you get back on the right track.  Our charge is to lead you back to the light as quickly and effectively as possible so you can return to the life you imagined.

Away from Judgement

Releasing Deep Pain and Resentment


The sacred verse, "Judge not lest ye be judged" is true.  Judgement is a double edged sword that cuts deep.  Making subjective assessments of another or ourselves removes us from our humanity.  It makes us forget that we are less than perfect by divine design and our goal is to learn from this and each other.  Whether you're the judge or the defendant moving away from it is an act of freeing the spirit from the people and circumstances that prevent you from self actualizing and expressing your true nature.