We use a number of techniques to restore balance in your mind, body, spirit and space.  These practices used alone or in concert refine your healing experience.  Our Paths incorporate several of these modalities, but if you prefer to schedule an appointment for a single method we'll be happy to accommodate you. 

Divine Guidance | Divine Connection


Intuitive Coaching is the keynote of Wooing Nature's practice.  It's so important that we make it an integral part of every healing path we offer.  High levels of perception, clear communication, patience guidance and personal strategic plans define your intent and move you toward your personal wellness goals efficiently.

Channeling Healing Energy


Reiki is both a touch and distance healing technique channeled and passed down through Buddhist monk and teacher Dr. Mikao Usui, but the idea of "capturing" or moving energy for healing is as old and as ancient as time. Reiki and other touch healing techniques are given for physical, mental and emotional healing.  If needed, we will add stones to the mix to enhance your overall experience. 

The Cornerstone of Healing


Most disease stems from stress and lack of rest.  Stress inhibits healing.  Lack of sleep or rest compromises the immune system.  An overactive brain prevents you from retaining information and being sharp. We believe in the foundation of meditation so much that it's a part of every Wooing Nature Pathway.  Our practice includes Mindfulness, Creative Visualization, Expressive, Resonance and Journeying Meditation

Get Grounded and Lifted Simultaneously


Stones, rocks and crystals are among the oldest natural forms on the planet.  Native American teachers and healers depend on these "stone people" for their innate knowledge of the history, rhythm and vibration of life on earth.  When you connect with them you simultaneously connect to a cache of recorded information that syncs your energy with energies of the earth and universe to recharge and balance your entire body system.


 The Spirit World Connection


Spiritual Readings are the way of petitioning the spirit world for guidance about how to resolve the problems, issues and questions related to our human condition.  Our ancestors, ancient souls, teachers and spirit guides who know your life purpose give clarity and guide to toward an understanding beyond the limitations of human perception.