The Path of Professional Maturity

Our bodies and minds aren't the only things that need healing.  You can attest to the fact that and professional teams and work environments are often in need of a healing touch.  We offer intuitive coaching and services for you, your company or organization to bring balance and mutual understanding at a deeper level to make your office pleasantly productive.


Building Your Tribe

Spiritual Organizational Management


A person has a unique spirit.  When lots of spirits share space and commitment a tribe is formed. Knowing and utilizing the gifts each member brings to the circle is the difference between people who seem to be thrown together and a purpose driven team.  Reorganize your existing co-creators or assemble the best players with the right skill, talent and personality to move your vision forward.  

Overstanding Leadership

Leading from Behind, by Example and with Integrity


Leaders come in all forms so recognizing true leaders is a matter of observation and discernment.  Once recognized the path of accepting this gift of great responsibility requires introspection, meditation and mindful guidance.  We choose the best practices, ancient wisdom and The Art of War by Sun Tzu to raise the quality of leadership in many segments of society as we can.  We also teach you how to lead yourself when those in positions of leadership are misplaced.